Monthly Archives: June 2016

What Instagram’s Algorithm Change Mean for Your Business

What Instagram's Algorithm Change Mean for Your Business Companies had a brief heyday when the popular social networking site Instagram offered organic content to followers which allowed businesses to have a dramatic free reach, but now businesses will be coughing up part of their advertising funds in order to reach the same audiences. While this is…
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5 Skills To Look For in Hiring an Excellent Social Media Manager

5 Skills to Look For When Hiring a Social Media Manager Social media has become a juggernaut when it comes to the increased marketing potential that it offers to businesses. Companies can interact with potential customers, address concerns, offer product promotions, check up on the competition and develop marketing strategies to increase their reach with…
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Sometimes Silence Can Be Golden on Social Media

Sometimes Silence Can Be Golden on Social Media When it comes to social media, an onslaught of users have turned these platforms into personal diaries to document everything single action that happens in their lives. They are taking pictures of what they had for lunch, discussing work projects, or crying over a messy breakup with…
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