I Believe:
In doing good and making the right choices in life.

About Lee:
As CEO of Web301, Lee Ladyga is focused on growing a strong, sustainable organization that helps clients create and maintain customer loyalty and longevity through world-class digital solutions. Lee’s relentless drive to provide value for clients, insatiable appetite to know their business and passion for working in tandem to solve business problems quickly earned him the reputation as a leader in the digital world.

Inspiration & Passion:
Ladyga believes that you can find inspiration and passion within if you just listen for the right voice inside yourself. His passion for life is even greater in tougher times, making him an extremely dependable digital business partner. A man with a big heart and even bigger strategic mind, when he’s not looking for ways to help others, Lee enjoys spending time with his wife, Janet, and their four furry family members.