I Believe:
In the power of ‘We”. I’m very lucky to work at a place that has so many brilliant and passionate people who will stop on a dime to jump in and help to create amazing work for our clients.

About Michelle:
As Chief Marketing and Sales Officer for Web301, Michelle Hart works diligently to ensure that client goals and objectives are translated into highly effective search engine marketing strategies that integrate with other media and help build connected brands. She has helped develop complex marketing campaign strategies for leading brands that stand the test of time and provide solid pay offs for long term revenue success. Michelle has plied her craft in all aspects of digital marketing, including social media, content marketing, copywriting, SEO, and email marketing. Michelle is an entrepreneur at heart (no pun intended). Prior to joining Web301, she was a partner at Bona Fide Search Group and the founder for Blue Ribbon Social Media.

Inspiration & Passion:
Michelle looks at work and play as the yin and yang of life. In her professional life, Michelle is inspired by collaborating on exciting, fast-paced, high-energy projects. In her personal time, Michelle enjoys the opposite, opting for relaxing activities like getting lost in a good book, Glamping, finding her Zen in a nice trail run, honing in her ‘foodie’ mentality for gourmet cuisine, or attending her kids soccer games.