7 Digital Marketing Trends to Make Note of This Summer

7 Digital Marketing Trends to Make Note of This Summer

Not even online marketing remains static. As consumers allow mobile devices to dictate how they make purchases from companies, more businesses are seeking out digital marketing strategies to reach this population segment. The summer of 2016 will usher in some unique marketing trends that businesses will try to corner within their respective markets. Here are 7 digital marketing trends to keep an eye on.

1: Mobile Surpasses Desktop Usage

Google had a hand on making mobile dominate in 2015. The introduction of mobile-friendly search rankings has allowed people to perform productive searches for products and services on their mobile devices. During 2016, it will capture even more user engagement than desktop computers. We have entered the age where smartphones, tablets and wearable technology will be the go-to computing devices for consumers.

2: Wearable Technology Gets More Attention

Wearable technology has been around for a few years now. Yet it will be gaining ground as several companies will be introducing new smartwatches this year. These wearables will have marketers taking a hard look at how to advertise on devices with such small screens as it is expected that sales for wearables will grow by 35 percent every year up to 2019.

3: Business Owners Rolling Out More Apps

Again, due to Google's algorithm and how it rewards businesses who have adopted more mobile-friendly websites, business owners will be pushing out personalized apps to target their customer base. Since mobile devices and apps go hand-in-hand, and with people using these devices more to access online content, it stands to reason more business owners will enter the app market for their digital marketing endeavors.

4: Virtual Reality Another Advertising Channel

In 2016, virtual reality will be introduced to people due to the availability of the new Oculus Rift virtual reality headset in early 2016. While gamers will be jumping on this device, it will also entice more use by the general public as people will have a new way to visit and engage with social media sites and video platforms. Marketers will be designing unique strategies to develop new advertising for this device.

5: Online Video Ads Grow

Online videos currently dominate the mobile market. Search engines and social media sites have recognized this popularity by offering a range of video options such as advertising and search engine video content. Businesses have also seen positive results in using videos to attract customers as more companies will jump on this bandwagon.

6: More Money Placed into Digital Marketing

With businesses recognizing the importance of mobile marketing, they will be placing greater investments into advertisements suitable for these devices. It is expected that, in 2016, businesses will be increasing their marketing budgets by more than $10 billion to create more digital marketing.

7: Virtual Assistant Optimization Strategies

While people still use the basic search fields in their browsers to look at content, virtual assistants such as Cortana and Siri will slowly be changing how people perform searches and find answers to their questions. This summer, businesses will seek out to make their marketing and advertising optimized to these virtual assistants so people can easily access company information during their online searches.


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