78% Of All Searches Are Done On Google – Are You Being Found?

With over 3.5 billion searches conducted per day across the globe, almost 78% are performed on Google. The only thing we know for certain is those numbers will only be increasing each year. Let’s take a look at some vital points in keeping in mind if your business counts on these searches to succeed.

Each week we will take a look at the recommended vital projects geared toward either the beginner, the intermediate, or the advanced stages of your search efforts as it gains popularity in performance for businesses in 2015.


  • Clarify your SEO and Paid Media agenda: As easy as it seems you’d be surprised how many companies don’t do find time to do this task. Focus on strengths that are high on ROI and run your efforts from that arena.
  • Setup reporting and analytics: Make sure your analytics are setup properly so that you can be confident in making important business decisions.
  • Know your audience: Knowing your target demographic and precisely which queries they are searching is crucial in executing strategy. We mean really know it. It’s extremely valuable, especially for SEO, to conduct thorough keyword research to pinpoint what keywords your audience searches for throughout the buying cycle.
  • Setup a successful Pay Per Click (PPC) account structure: Adapt your campaigns, ad groups, and keywords into a granular formation then establish your itemized budgets, closely aligned keywords with ads, and segmented campaigns and ad groups, as needed.
  • Create a solid foundation for SEO: We understand organic ranking factors include accessibility, content, authority and social engagement, make sure you set up a solid foundation for each. Start with your keywords, create your sitemap.xml, robots.txt, optimize your URLs, titles, meta descriptions, content, and internal links.
  • Construct relevant landing pages for paid media: Match content to the user queries and deliver consistent messaging. Be certain to test to see what content or page designs work best for your audience.
  • Setup social media and promotion: Set up appropriate and multiple social media channels making sure you have a good consistent and reliable schedule for distributing engaging content that is both informative as well as relevant to the queries by your demographic. Link all social media outlets together helping to form a solid circle of branding around your business.
  • Be mobile friendly:  We anticipate mobile search exceeding desktop searches by year end. Which means, if your website is not mobile friendly you are basically floating on the Titanic. If you haven’t created a mobile-friendly site, we would consider this as top priority. Be sure to set up your site with responsive design or dynamic serving, have large buttons and clickable phone numbers, and utilize mobile-friendly PPC ad extensions.

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