Facebook announces Ad changes

For those of you that run a business page on facebook, you know the challenges of boosting a post. It can be tricky to decide when the right time to boost it is, what sort of response you’ll get with your content and what demographic you want to aim it at.

Boosting a Post

Come September, some of that will no longer concern you. Facebook announced, via a blog post today, that they will begin to limit the types of posts that a page can convert or boost to be an ad. Only certain types of organic posts will be effected. The goal of the change is to make the purpose of Facebook ads more precise, and direct to readers and users.

Currently brand pages are able to take any of the posts published to their pages, and boost the reach of them. Essentially brand pages pay Facebook to run the posts as an ad, that will show up in people’s news feeds. You may have seen “sponsored” posts before, and it’s similar to this. Facebook’s drive in changing the rules on boosted posts is to further adjust its ads to deliver actual business results.

Types of Posts

The types of posts that a page will no longer be able to post are things like profile picture changes, any third party app posts to the pages timeline, any sort of political endorsement, location recommendations, photos or videos that are taking with the Facebook in-app camera, and several others. Facebook as a whole wanted to eliminate ads that took the place of simple social engagement. In a way it’s a step toward limiting ad space on your Facebook feed, and taking back a small social aspect of the social media network.

The goal is to have businesses use Facebook ads to achieve business goals. When the simple social interactions are boosted, it can make it hard for users to find the best results for business on Facebook. By eliminating the boosting options for these types of posts, they expect to see Business pages have better results, as customers will be able to find the right products that the business offers.

Take Away

Facebook did the research and discovered that business pages and advertisers promoted these kinds of posts less frequently, and when they did, the results were lacking.

The changes will start to take place on September 15, when these types of posts will no longer be able to be boosted. If there are any ads that you’ve purchased before this date, they will run through September 29, but then stop.

For those of you that use Facebook on the regular, you can hardly be surprised when change happen, as they tend to happen often. So analyze your current strategy for advertising on Facebook, make the appropriate changes and test something new.

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