Facebook Messenger Changes

If you’re a Facebook fan you may have noticed some changes that took place recently with Facebook Messenger. Facebook has been working for a while to make business profiles the go to, for contact information, menus, questions, etc. Becoming the new online white pages has been their goal. With the recent change, they may have just done that.


FB messenger was created as a place to chat with friends. It was part of the Facebook app originally, and then broke off into its own app. Messenger finally opened up to developers in April of 2016, and in June the Discover tab was rolled out in the US.

By using chatbots, Facebook hopes to inspire its next big push for business to well-represent themselves on social media. By rolling out the Discover tab, FB hopes to ramp up the business and bot side of its service.

Business Pages

FB now has 20 million active businesses using chatbots on their FB pages. The Discover tab was created to help people find bots and business accounts to chat with. There is also a separate section created for people to find games to play on messenger. The games portion launched right away, but the discover section took a little longer. Businesses were required to submit their accounts to be included, and reviewing them took a little longer.

At the current time the Discover section doesn’t include sponsored businesses, but FB may sell spots to businesses advertising in the future. Facebook is an ad-supported company, so it’s likely that this will happen in the future.

Chat Bots

If you’ve been on Facebook recently and visited a business’ profile you may have noticed a chat bot pop-up, asking if you have any questions about the business. This is a great way for businesses to connect immediately with prospective customers or existing customers.

Chat bots are offering ways to shop via messenger, and connect with businesses. If you’ve been working on establishing your business profile on Facebook, now is the time to ramp up your focus. Facebook is constantly creating ways to hook potential customers up with businesses that are right for them. Look into submitting your business to the new Discover tab, and watch conversions pour in.

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