Facebook’s New Algorithm Change: Friends, Family and ‘Shareability’ Taking Center Stage

FB New Algorithm Change: Friends, Family and ‘Shareability’ Taking Center Stage

We know you might not want to hear this. You’re busy engaging in social media, promoting and marketing, for your business or for your clients, and maybe still recovering from the last Facebook algorithm change. Yet, here it comes, again.

They did it again. Facebook changed their algorithm once more and it may have an impact on Pages in the News Feed.

Back on June 29th, Facebook made the announcement that in the coming weeks they would be tweaking which updates are shown in the News Feed. All those promotional ads, videos, and content on business pages will not be the very first thing that users see when logging into their accounts as some businesses may see a significant drop in their reach.

Friends and Family Come First

First and foremost, Facebook wants to please its users who access the social media site so they can stay in touch with family and friends. Many of the users are worried that they will miss important updates that get buried in the business pages that pop up in their feed. Facebook's algorithm is designed to change this so that posts from family and friends will get higher priority. Business pages will be less competitive on the News Feed as this tactic ensures that people can see all the updates from the people that are important to them.

Is This the End of Business Pages?

Not at all. In fact, certain business pages may not see any change in their reach or engagement due to one simple fact: shareability. Facebook has claimed shareability to be more important than ever for business pages as higher interaction and engagement will ensure that referral traffic will still continue on at its usual pace.

So what does all this mean for people marketing and promoting their business using Pages? It means that while posts from friends and family will take center stage on user's feeds, if these people are sharing and talking about the content featured from your Pages, there won't be a significant impact to your Page reach. Facebook assures everyone that valuable content will still be ruler of the social media platform as photos, videos, funny cat memes, and interesting stories will be seen more often.

Think About What Your Audience, and What Your Audience's Friends and Family, Like

In reality, great content that people care about, which is informative, keeps their interest, and will entice users to share on their personal page will continue to spread throughout social media platforms. You can continue to build traffic as people will come to your Page, like your posts, and follow links to your business website where they may purchase products and services. Just keep in mind that not only are you catering to the people who read your Page for important content, you are also catering to their friends and family to get them to like and share your posts. Nail this strategy and you can expect to do well when marketing and promoting your business on Facebook.

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by MICHELLE HART/CMO & CSO/web301.com

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