When to fall Silent on Social Media

Knowing your audience on social media can make quite the difference. Learning what your followers and users want to see can greatly improve your business. But do you know when NOT to post on social media? When is it appropriate to fall silent? Learn more about the appropriateness of posting on holidays, etc.

Learning when to pipe down can be difficult. At a family dinner with a loud uncle, when a friend makes an outrageous statement, these times seem obvious. But there are more delicate ways to stay silent when you’re managing a social media profile for business or brand. Keeping your political opinions to yourself, as a business, may seem obvious. Perhaps sharing political opinions elevates your brand, or is in your line of work. Whatever the case, be sure to stay tasteful with your posts, and remember that you may have to defend anything you say, or face a public relations nightmare.


Other times that are appropriate to stay quite may be during national tragedies, emergencies or holidays. You hold the power of scheduling your social media posts, so you can decide when to go quiet or not.

If you’re a retailer, and want to market promos or sales, perhaps avoiding those posts on a national holiday might be best. Posting purely about your business during a national holiday, can come across as insensitive. If your sale is tied to the holiday, you may want to reconsider going silent, but if you’re just posting about your business and ignoring a holiday, it could ruffle a few feathers.

Knowing your audience is key. If it’s Thanksgiving in the United States, but your users are in Canada or the UK, you probably don’t have much to lose by posting, as your users won’t think much about it being American Thanksgiving.

It can be nice to post well wishes on national holidays that fall under the feasting, family get togethers, post office being closed categories, but you may also want to consider what do you have to lose by just staying silent.  While you may decide that pausing your posts during a holiday is in good taste, you also have your ads to consider. There’s no right answer when it comes to this, but you’ll want to have a plan in place if the occasion should ever arise.

If tragedy strikes

While it may not be fun to discuss and plan for this, it can be important to decide on a course of action in the event that a national tragedy or emergency arises. The best thing to do during tragedies can be to stay completely silent. While some businesses feel the need to offer commentary or support or solidarity during these times, it can backfire on brands. Think of how many times you’ve seen an apology issued by a company for a completely insensitive comment, tweet, or post. The post, while it meant well, wound up offending some party, and a PR storm followed. Remember that your commentary isn’t needed on everything,

If you want to avoid this, just stay silent. And create a plan for pausing your social posts. Learn who is in charge of stopping posts, if you can do it from a phone or if you need a computer, etc. Don’t wait until something happens have a plan in place.

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