Why you should get better at Leading Meetings

Even in today’s digital high tech world, meetings are still a necessity within the business world. They aren’t going anywhere. Only an in-person meeting or brainstorm can garner the results that most leaders are looking for. In honor of the new year, take change and make 2017 the year that you become a meeting leading boss. Here are some reasons why it’s worth your time.

Set yourself apart from the competition. Being able to manage groups of people so that meetings are productive and able to get an objective completed is a wonderful skill to have. It’s a skill that will make your superiors take notice. Whether or not you’re an expert in your field, if you can promote productive conversations your business and superiors will take notice.

It isn’t the easiest task to manage a meeting, keep conversation on track and make sure everyone gets heard. The best way to successfully manage a meeting is to do so, without a focus on yourself. Think of yourself only as the facilitator of the conversation, directing who speaks, who should speak next, and noting great points made. If you can successfully do this, everyone will leave the meeting in awe of your meeting facilitating skills.

Even if you feel that you have important things to add to the meeting, acting as a facilitator to a meeting can be a great way for you to step back and observe. It will enable you to carefully watch and learn the dynamics throughout the room. Making sure that action items get assigned during a brainstorming session, or if someone needs to be brought back into the conversation, can be a great lesson in observing. In today’s day in age, a practice in less interruption would be a wonderful thing. It’s also a great way to work on your leadership skills, which someone will notice.

If your skill at leading meetings and facilitating conversations takes off, you may be pulled into more and more projects in your office. While these projects or meetings may be out of your area of expertise or job description, it’s a wonderful chance for you to get involved in multiple aspects of your business. Leading a couple of meetings per month for other areas of your workplace, can only expand your network and knowledge of system operations in your line of work.

If other people in your office take notice of your initiative to improve a skill set, it could be a good thing for you. Bosses and managers notice when a team member tackles a project head on. They notice when someone volunteers to take on tasks outside of their job description. Bosses and managers also appreciate when a team member attempts to make their job easier. When you manage a meeting, you enable your boss to be completely observant and participate in meetings, rather than worry about facilitating them.

Taking on the role of facilitating meetings will inspire others in your organization to work on skills sets and take more on. Your bosses will notice your desire to take initiation. Everyone benefits from a leader in meetings.

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