Getting follows and likes on a new Social Media profile

Getting follows and likes on a new Social Media profile

  1. Be sure to post

Just because you have few or no followers doesn’t mean they won’t come. They certainly won’t like or peruse your page if you don’t have any engaging content on it. If your page looks like you never post or check it, why would someone want to follow you or interact with your page? Posting content that people want to see will encourage them to follow you.

The good news is that for newer pages on Facebook, your organic reach seems to be higher than others. Facebook’s algorithms make it easier for the little guy to be more successful. If your page is brand new or for a small business, Facebook will help your organic reach.

  1. Engagement

Remember it’s not only shares that will help your business. Having a high number of shares with your content is great, but newer algorithms are looking at how many people are engaging with your content. Are they finding it interesting enough to comment on or interact with your page?

  1. Consider traffic

While you may want to drive all of your traffic to your new website, it may be of more use to send users to your Facebook page. Sending traffic to your social profile is just as good as sending them to your site. It still gives the user the opportunity to visit your website through your social media profile, but it also gives them the change to engage with the content you have on your social media pages.

Use your social media profiles to get followers on other platforms. You may shy away from asking for follows on Twitter from your Facebook page, but it’s a good idea. If users are already following you on one platform, chances are they’ll want to follow you on another.

Make sure that visitors who visit your social media profiles can easily find their way to your website. Have your contact information readily available and easy to find. Same goes with your website, make sure a potential customer can figure out how to get in contact with you.

  1. Focus on being consistent

In a time where everyone is concerned with numbers of followers and going viral there is no secret trick. The best plan of action for garnering followers is to be consistent. Offer up content that your followers will find interesting, and you’ll get more engagement. With more engagement you’ll eventually see more followers.

The only trick to going viral is to be patient and be consistent across social media platforms.

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