How Searchable are You

Everyone visits Google nowadays to find what they’re looking for. So as a business it’s important that you can be found on Google. When people are doing research, shopping or looking for services or business, you want to be sure that you’re being found for exactly what you offer. Here are some tips for getting your business found.


If someone is looking for a business or service that you offer, you want that potential customer to find your business over all others in Google rankings. If you’re ranking well in search results, you’re sure to be found by the right customers.

Here are some important steps to take to ensure that you’re being found within google. If you haven’t submitted your site to Google to be crawled chances are you’re not ranking at all. So this is an important first step. Next you want to be sure that your site is filled with appropriate keywords for your business. If you’re a Dentist in Denver, you want to make sure that when a potential customer searches for Dentists in Denver, that your business is found. Be careful not to overfill your website with content, as Google can penalize you in rankings for that if they feel it’s overdone.

Consider who else is using the keywords you want to rank for, and how you can use them better for better results. Use a tool like Google AdWords Keyword planner, and see what the competition is for some words, and how many times they’re searched per month. It’s helpful to see what people are searching for, and what’s getting results.

Hiring the help of an SEO expert is never a bad idea, when you want some strategy for climbing in rankings. Experts are up on all of the best SEO practices, and they’re easily able to implement them into your site.

Social Media

It’s important to never leave this tool out of your strategy or plan. Utilizing social media as a tool for your business to be found is a great strategy. If you have a following on social media, chances are you’ll be found by more and more people. It’s a great way to drive traffic to your site, which can help your ranks alone.

Take Away

While there are lots of strategies for being found, SEO and social are tried and true. Chances are your competitors are using them, so it’s time you gave them a run for their money.

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