How to Create an Effective and Professional Profile on Google+

Google+ may appear to be just another time consuming and tedious social media site to worry about. However, just like LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter, Google+ has its benefits. However, these benefits are only reaped when the tool is used effectively. The following are some tips to create a Google+ profile that will work for you and your business.


Not to beat a dead horse with this one, but it always worth emphasizing how important that profile picture is. Images give people an impactful first impression on what kind of operation you are running. For this, having a professional photo is important. Avoid animal photos, vacation photos, etcetera for this one. Ideally use a headshot that fits nicely into the 250px x 250px window Google+ provides.

Banner Image

The banner image is a bit more flexible than the profile photo. Unlike Facebook, you have more options to choose a logo or business image as your banner. Or you can be more creative and if having a professional profile picture is enough. If you opt out of using a banner image, Google+ will show a solid light background color of which you can choose.


The tagline poses a nice opportunity to add a tid bit about the bottom line things you want people to know about you and your business. It should be brief but include the most meaningful information. It can be helpful to include key words here but only if they fit naturally. This will be the information that becomes visible when people hover over your profile so it just needs to include information that will peak peoples interest.


Here is where you have the most time and space to inform people about what you have to offer. You can get more specific and most certainly include more keywords. You also have the opportunity to hyperlink text in this field so it can be a great opportunity to link viewers to other websites that will be helpful traffic for you and your business.

Bragging Rights

Again, another optional but potentially useful section provided by Google+. If you have any awards, certifications, or other achievements that give your business an extra little boost, definitely mention them here. Obviously you don’t want to be fishing for compliments here, but if you have things you are proud of and that will make you stand out a bit more, this is your opportunity to share.


A section to keep focused and brief. It should be specific with keywords that best describe you, but getting too wordy becomes exhaustive. Considering the SEO side of things here will be helpful when thinking about how you want to be found based off what you do.


This section is a bit limiting with its template that only gives you options to provide a job title and dates. However, use this as you would a resume and include accurate dates to keep your credibility up.

Other Profiles

There is no limit on the profiles you are able to list which provides endless opportunities to include links that you want people to use to find you. You also have the option to pick and choose what you want included and some obvious choices for professionals include LinkedIn, your business or company website, etcetera. Google+ can overall be a great place to show off your online profiles.

At Web301, we can help you create a professional and effective Google+ profile for personal or business use. Our Social Media Experts combined with feedback from our SEO Analyst team will create amazing results.

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