Improving your social media marketing game

Managing social media accounts for business is an ever-changing market. With social media platforms constantly changing the way the reward posts or ads, and how things get viewed by users, it’s hard to keep up. If you haven’t changed up your social media strategy in the past year, you may be falling behind and not knowing why.

With the rise of new technologies and other social media platforms, you constantly have to be informed. Facebook is making changes all the time, as are other platforms. We are constantly able to gather more data about our readers and users, and it’s important to use that data for more effective marketing on social media platforms.

Your Customers

It’s important to pay attention to your customers on social media. If people are interacting with your page, it’s important to respond to them, and show you’re listening. It’s important to respond to all types of communication too. If someone is singing your praises on your page, respond and tell them thank you, or answer their question. If someone is upset with your product, and being very vocal about it on your page, the best thing you can do is to respond to them, try to solve the problem. Remember that you’re not only responding to one upset person, but that everyone else interacting with your page will see your response. Put your company's best foot forward.


Previously there were few ways that you could reach your customers. Now with social media platforms, there are fewer rules, and more ways to reach them. By using paid ads, posts, and even shared content, you’re potentially getting in front of a wider demographic.

There is no best way to convert someone to being a customer on social. It’s important to try new things with your page, and pay attention to whether or not they work. If you’ve been posting things in a certain way and of a certain topic, but you’re getting little to no response, it’s time to try something different. Social media can be time consuming, if you do it right. It’s not just about posting over and over, it’s about figuring out how well posts are being received and interacted with, and working that into your social media strategy so that what you’re bringing to your followers gets better and more accurate over time.


Your goals are always to acquire new customers, interact with your current customers and grow a customer base that loves your business and product. You have to be willing to try new things on your page, and stay interactive. Social media marketing doesn’t work if you’re on autopilot, so you constantly have to be striving to be better, take in the numbers and use them to your advantage.

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