Is SEO dead?

Is SEO Dead?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and is the process of making websites more accessible to search engines. Search engines have statistically lead to more click-throughs on sites than twitter. With twitter, users read content and leave, rather than staying to browse a site or find more content.

How SEO works

SEO is digital marketing. Any business needs marketing in order to stay afloat and have any sort of success. In 2016, more and more users continually use the web, are never far away from their phones and are obsessed with social media. SEO is the way to digitally market your product or site to those customers, and reach the majority of potential customers this way. It’s about putting in the work to make your site more visible.

It can be the process of assisting a website to rank well, when perhaps without that help the website would fall farther down on a list of other sites. You can see it in two ways, some work to make sites better and therefore improve ranking, and some learn how to work the ever changing system to make sits rank better, that perhaps don’t deserve to.

Search engines also use algorithms to rate a site. They look at your content, how your site is laid out, how you use advertising on your site, how fast your site is, and how well it’s built, amongst other things. SEO is about helping your site to do all of those things well; helping you with a fast site, a well-built site and how well it’s laid out.

How it’s changing

So in a sense some SEO is dead, but the important side of SEO is not. SEO is changing. SEO helps business and their sites by telling them what they’re doing wrong or where they should focus more energy. Perhaps it’s taking a business strategy and helping the company improve upon it, or go in a more beneficial direction for their customers. SEO is helping you help your customers, when you boil it down.

Instead of writing content for bots or “Googlebots,” it’s about writing great content for potential customers, and then adjusting or enhancing it for search. If you take great content, and work hard at getting it out there for people to read, then you can generate organic traffic to your site. The new tools for SEO fit with any good marketing plan or proposal.

Until Google and other search engines stop pulling and organizing their search results from phrases, words or bits of text found in websites, SEO will be well and alive.

SEO is not dead; the way we use SEO is just changing. It changing from a keyword focus to a bigger focus on improving your content, and marketing it in a smarter way. It’s no longer about gaining links or clicks, it’s about a better way to market your site. It’s about adapting to changes, algorithms, market changes. Boiled down, it’s about getting the right content to the people who are looking for it in the first place.


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