Marketing Your New Mobile App

It can be a long road to creating the perfect mobile app for your business. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter how good your app is, you need to market it. Even if you have the best app in the world, if no one knows about it, it won’t be successful. Making a plan for marketing your app, as soon as it’s released, and perhaps even before, is always a great plan to have in place.


Spend time considering why your customers need your app. What is going to drive them to use it? Is it great deals they can’t find anywhere else? Consider if you’ll be releasing products first on your app, before they hit your store or website.


Sometimes a little goes a long way with your customers. If you have a brick and mortar store location, this can be a great tool to promote your app. Offer a discount to all customers that download your app. Perhaps try a discount code to get a certain percentage off in their first time use of your app. While these strategies typically work best with a retail app, there are plenty of other strategies to use when promoting and marketing your app.

If you have a website, letting your customers know about your app can go a long way. Whether or not you want to offer a discount for downloading it or using it, putting a notice about your app on your site is a guaranteed way for your customers to find it. Try writing a blog post about your new app, or even devoting a new page on your site to it. Give your customers a rundown of how it works, and what it’s benefits are. Your primary goal of designing an app was to make connection or sales easier for your customers, so let them know that.


If you already have an existing Facebook page, or Instagram, use it to connect with your existing customers and potential new customers. You can run ads informing people of your new mobile app, and target these ads at your most popular demographic. Remarket these ads to prior visitors of your page, probable current customers. Advertising on social media is great because you can really get specific about who you want to see these ads. You know that your advertising budget is spent wisely targeting exactly who your customers are.

Take away

The most important thing to observe here is that if you have an established business, there are plenty of marketing channels already accessible to you. Use your store front, your social media channels and your website. There are plenty of chances for your customers to learn about your app, and be encouraged to download it.

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