People are Using Facebook Differently: Learn why and how

Running a Facebook page for business can be difficult. You’re always worried about your reach of your posts, which posts to promote, and what ads to feature. Recently Facebook announced that it would be limiting the types of posts that pages are allowed to promote, putting even more of a strain on an already complicated social media platform. But wait! There’s good news.

Average Organic Reach

The average Facebook reach just hit an 11-month high, which is encouraging for those of us managing pages and tearing our hair out over social media strategy. It can be difficult to get Facebook to show your content to more people on the platform, which can limit your reach numbers. But the bump in numbers showed that organic reach was up on Facebook. While organic reach can be out of your control, this has promising implications for your future Facebook marketing.

You spend hours working on your strategy and content and it can be frustrating to spend the time only to have few people see it on Facebook. The total average percentage that was up was 11.41 percent. While that doesn’t sound particularly impressive, its more about what this number indicates. The trends it indicates could prove to be extremely valuable.

Facebook Trends

When you pay attention to the trends, you can make more of a difference in the future of your marketing. Following what we mentioned above about the types of posts Facebook will let you promote in the future, the type of post is becoming even more important. It’s the type of update that you post on Facebook that has a more major impact on your reach. Facebook is no longer giving the same weight to each post, and the type of posts can affect organic reach.

For example, the average organic reach for video used to be 12.81 percent, while a status update was only 6.45 percent. So now, more than ever, it’s important to pay attention to the numbers and the trends, and decide what post is going to benefit your page more. Paying attention to Facebook algorithm changes and any new features they announce will benefit you.


One of the most important takeaways from these numbers is that when your reach is down you shouldn’t give up. It’s always important to make an effort in your Facebook strategy. If something you’re doing isn’t working or getting good numbers, try something different. It can never hurt to do a little research, and devise a different social media strategy.

Take Away

Facebook has stated that it’s goal is to be a place for people to go and find quality content. This appears to be their latest step in ensuring that readers and users are finding what they’re looking for, or maybe what they weren’t expecting to find. The numbers show that while other social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat are taking off, Facebook is still where users come to discover new information. So be there waiting for them with great content! If you’re not getting the results you want, change up your strategy, and do research on what’s working for others. The bottom line is, Facebook is still a great way to get awesome organic reach numbers, so don’t abandon ship.

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