Playing Catch Up with Google

Google is constantly changing, which makes things quite difficult at times for marketers and SEO strategists. With the many changes Google makes a year, it can be hard to stay up to date on the best work flow.

One of the things Google is constantly doing is observing how users use search engines. How they make it work for them. Google always wants to make search more intuitive for it’s users. But what about SEO and marketing? Here are sometimes for keeping pace with the ever-changing Google.


Earn traffic. You may think that constantly recruiting users from the same sources is fool proof, but it’s not. You want to make sure that your traffic is coming from as many different places as possible. Not that aiming your marketing at targeted demographics is a bad thing. Changing it up every now and then is never a bad idea. In the least, you could entice someone new to visit your site, that will find just what they need.

Lots of viewers are finding video marketing to be one of the most effective channels in finding new users. Getting your content in front of new people can only help your numbers. We recommend a variety of sources. Tailer your posts to your different audiences, and give it to them in the social media platforms that they prefer.


As Google evolves it gets harder to generate clicks or traffic. Simply googling a keyword now, brings up more ads at first than results. It’s getting harder and harder to get your business found. Real estate on googles results pages is dwindling. Always do your keyword research. Your target keywords may change overtime, and what was once working well for you may be dropping astronomically in searches. So stay up to date with your target keywords, and how people are finding you.


Whenever you have an inbound link to your site, it will bring more people to your page, which is exactly what you want. Link building can take some time before you see results, so it’s important to note that if you’re experimenting with link building strategies, to wait and see which work best.


Remember that Google is always analyzing how people use Google, and changing its algorithm based off of what they find. How people interact or engage with Google, is highly tracked. Things that are highly analyzed are click through rates and time users are spending on each page. You want to track how users see your web page, how long they stay, and what they find and focus on.

Use this information to rearrange your site. If users aren’t finding what they need and leaving quickly, perhaps it’s time to consider moving content to landing pages so it’s better found.

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