How to Rank Locally in 2017

While SEO is a constantly-changing business, it’s important to keep your focus local as well. If your business is one that benefits from foot traffic and local business, you don’t want to forget to shift your focus to your local market. Here are some tips and tricks for ranking in your local market in 2017.

Paid ads

A benefit to paid ads that most don’t understand is that when you shell out the money for pay-per-click advertising, you are being placed directly in front of your potential customers. With PPC advertising you can narrow who you’re marketing to, by demographic, age, location, etc. If you want to focus on your local market, it’s easy.

The other added benefit to PPC ads is that the ads that are paid for appear at the top of search results. If someone is searching for a business like yours, your business will generate at the top of results, whether or not it’s ranking at the top of results.

PPC ads also feature a star rating show with the business. When users see a high star rating and no star ratings on unpaid results below, they’re more likely to click on the business that appear to have reviews. There’s no given reason why google doesn’t show the star rating of business that aren’t ads, but the fact that users can see the rating, makes them much more likely to click on them.

The final benefit of paid ads, is that we know they’re working. Google is working as hard as they can to put ads in your face. So if you’re investing in ads, your business is going to be found. Ads aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, so it’s best to invest in the game.

Multiple Campaigns

Why take a single approach to success when you can focus on multiple potential areas of customers? Consider where your customers are, and how it’s best to get in front of them. How do they find you? Try managing multiple campaigns, targeted at different demographics for customers. Try casting a wide net, until the results are in, you won’t know where your customers are. You may have an idea, but you may be surprised by the results you get, and find a niche where your services are needed.

Figuring out how people are searching for your business or businesses like yours can be key. Try finding out how people find you, and market similar platforms like that.


Visibility is key. If you can be found, your business will improve. Reviews can be key. Try reaching out to faithful or satisfied customers, and asking them to leave you a review. Good reviews, and even the presence of reviews will bring more customers to your site.

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