How to Recycle Content for Big Brands

Coming up with a great social media strategy for a brand can be time consuming. Constantly coming up with fresh content to post on social media for big brands can take even more time.

Most social media marketers come up with their posts at least a day in advance, while some marketers take advantage of scheduling features on some platforms. Some marketers plan their posts for a whole week at one time.

If you’re going to post them once, you should invest the time in sharing them again. If you’ve spent the time creating the content, why only share it once, and hope that it gains momentum. Sharing a post more than once is key to getting interest in your brand on social media. Posting something more than once, might feel like cheating, but it’s the best way to get your content to the most people.

If you’ve shared a blog post, and seen high traffic for a couple of days, but then a severe fall off, it may be time to share it again. A post won’t continue to garner traffic, unless it’s presented to social media users multiple times. We’re not talking about bombarding users with the same content, but try reposting a blog post a couple of times. Don’t be afraid to share a post months after it was published, as the content will likely still be relevant.

Remember that every time something gets posted, it’s seen by different people. Try posting something a couple of times, and note the interaction that it gets every single time. Chances are you’ll grab a different users’ attention with different posts.

Different times of day might be better for different content. You won’t know what time of day is the best to post for your brand and your content until you try. A new blog post might do better in the morning with your demographic, or it may do better in the evening. It depends on who the post is aimed at, and what the content is. Try posting the same content at different times of the day, and see which gets the best response.

You’ll find that by posting the same content multiple times, you might double or triple the value of your content. If you post it once, and it gets 10 shares, posting twice might get you another 10.

Remember that your content can stay relevant for more than a few minutes, hours or days. Blog posts might stay relevant for months, and re-posting them can be key to getting more traffic. More than likely people aren’t going to find them on their own.

So give re-posting a go, and try re-purposing content. If you’ve spent time on content and gotten a small response, try it again. Don’t waste the time you invested in perfecting that blog post. Share it again!

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