Sales and Dating: how similar are they?

Stick with us on this one. We’re not suggesting you start pitching your Tinder dates, but perhaps there’s something similar to being a good date, and being a great salesperson. We’re here to look at the similarities, and what works and what doesn’t for sales, and perhaps dating as well.


Business is all about the ability to build good relationships. A successful business person is one who is able to create connections with people and effectively get their business message across. The pushy salesmen days are over, with buyers looking at things differently, the way things are purchased now are completely different. Buyers have unlimited research at their fingertips, and they’re willing to do the research on any prospective purchases coming their way. So here are the similarities in sales and dating, to help the modern sales person along.

It's not about You

We’ve all been on the date from hell, where someone just won’t stop talking about themselves. You finally realize that getting in a single word about yourself if fruitless, and a second date is highly unlikely. While this is highly annoying in a date, it’s even worse in a salesperson. You’re never going to connect with a potential sales or business contact by talking about yourself, so it’s best to try to learn more about them. The more you know about them the better you’ll be able to connect with them, and effectively pitch them.


We’ve all seen the signs of a failed first date, and when they’re there, they can be hard to bypass and limp on to a second date. Sales is the same way. Be sure to be looking for non-verbal cues when you’re pitching someone or trying to strike up a conversation about business. It’s not hard to tell if someone isn’t receptive to what you’re saying, if you’re paying attention to potential cues they’re giving you. IF someone seems awkward when answering your questions, chances are they might not be interested or they might not want to talk about their business with you.

Personal Story

While we know we said not to talk about yourself, sometimes telling a short story is a great way to get someone to open up. By revealing something about yourself or a personal detail in a story, they might feel more comfortable talking about their business or learning more about yours.

Take it Slow

Revealing everything about yourself on a first date is never a good plan. You want to be able to take it slow and get to know the person. When pitching your business, you want to leave a little to the imagination. If you give a few details on how your product could benefit someone, chances are, if you’ve followed the dating/sales rules, they’re going to be receptive to your pitch. You want them to continue to find out more about your product or company as they go along.

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