SEO In-House VS SEO Consultant

All entrepreneurs know starting up a small business comes with a lot diverse tasks that will mean hard work. The array of issues that may need addressing require a plethora of different skill sets in order to ultimately have everything run smoothly and successfully. In today’s digital age, having a productive and top notch functioning website and other digital marketing strategies is crucial to a success of a business, company or nonprofit. This includes being competitive in keyword searches and having a high ranking website that pulls in high traffic. If optimizing your website for online searches are not in your area of expertise, it may be necessary to hire a professional who understands how increase productivity on your digital profile and online presence. Fortunately, there are a few options to choose from when considering what kind of person to hire that can take care of your digital marketing needs.

Full-Time In-House SEO
A full-time in-house SEO is an employee with SEO experience working exclusively on SEO (search engine optimization) within the company or business. Benefits of employing this kind of person include seeing results in weeks rather than months, having an employee with the skill set to compete for competitive keywords, and having someone with a strong knowledge of the products, services, customers and partners in the industry. However, things to consider when choosing this option include higher salaries for full-time in-house SEO’s and a lack of suitable people to fill this position with high demand. Additionally, this type of employee requires a longer-term commitment.

Part-Time In-House SEO
This looks like someone with little experience in SEO working in-house for less than 10 hours per week. This may seem like an easy fix option, but in the big picture you are using someone who already has a task in-house and is more or less winging this kind of SEO work on the side. Though there is little additional expenditure, it may take months before any results are visible and the results may not be significant at that. Part-time in-house SEO’s are less competitive when it comes to keyword search and there will most likely be a lack of suitable and enthusiastic employees for this difficult position.

SEO Consultant
A SEO consultant is a professional hired outside the business or company for an hourly, monthly, or one-time fee. This is one of the best and most popular options for many businesses that need SEO and other online optimization work because of the professionalism and flexibility that they come with. SEO consultants start delivering results in weeks rather than months, and are able to compete for competitive keywords. An additional benefit, as just mentioned, is the flexibility a consultant offers, with options for short-term or no commitment required. SEO consultants can be hired for as long as needed before the websites and SEO services are up and running.

SEO Consultant & In-House SEO
This option combines the in-house and consultant option. Benefits include having outside expertise and assistance combined with someone on the inside of your company or business who has considerable knowledge of its needs and wants. This can be a beneficial option but may become too much and end up lowering efficiency. It also depends on an excellent working relationship which may be difficult to establish within a timeframe that is necessary. With this in mind, sticking solely with the SEO consultant again may be the best option.

Ultimately, choosing which option is best for your business or company depends on various factors. These include looking at what kind of industry you operate in, the type of results you want and the needs of your online profile, the timeframe you will need results and the amount of money you want to spend. With these in mind, you can then go about employing a SEO professional that can best meet your needs.

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