SEO for Small Businesses

If you own a small business and have wondered what SEO can do for you, now is the time to make the jump. If your focus is local, but you think SEO is designed only to help you nationally, you’re wrong. SEO can be fine-tuned to help any business see in an influx of customers and sales.

What is SEO

If you’re wondering what SEO is, we’re here to explain. As a business you want to be found online, and you want to be found by the right people. The right people are customers that are looking for services that you offer. If you’re a plumber in Bend, Oregon, and people are searching for “plumber Bend, OR” and not finding your website, chances are they’re finding your competitors, and you’re losing out on business.

SEO is the process of helping you rank for your desired keywords, so that you get more business. If someone types in the business that you offer, we want them to find you, not a competitor, for services. By using a wide-variety of strategies and tactics, SEO is the process of helping you climb in rankings over time.

SEO for Small Business

You may think that SEO isn’t for you, you’re a small business. But what if you could improve upon your business, more clients, more money? As a small business, you have to consider budget. SEO is an ongoing monthly service. It cannot be done once, and be expected to deliver results. By changing up SEO tactics monthly, you’re guaranteed to climb in rank over time. So if you plan to start using SEO, it’s best to budget for months, as SEO can take time to see results.

Another fact of SEO is that once you reach top results, you are in no way guaranteed to stay there. Google is constantly changing up its algorithm for ranking, which means that your SEO strategist will have to change up their game plan just as often. Once you rank #1, it’s not time to stop SEO, as other companies will be vying for the #1 position too. If you stop SEO, chances are their strategies will overtake you in no time, and you’ll plummet in ranks.

A Strategist

If you’re looking for an SEO Strategist to help deliver results to your company, it might be best to look locally. If your small businesses focus is within your local market, it could benefit you to have a local SEO company as well. The understand your market, know what works on local demographics, and might have great local avenues or connections that will help your business rank well.

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