5 Skills To Look For in Hiring an Excellent Social Media Manager

5 Skills to Look For When Hiring a Social Media Manager

Social media has become a juggernaut when it comes to the increased marketing potential that it offers to businesses. Companies can interact with potential customers, address concerns, offer product promotions, check up on the competition and develop marketing strategies to increase their reach with their chosen audiences.

The need for social media managers has also increased over the years due to the popularity of social media. While many companies chose to handle the task of media marketing and customer engagement on their own, other businesses may not have the time or knowledge to handle this important aspect of their operations. Instead, they look for a social media manager with the experience to optimize the company's social media presence.

As this career field grows, there are 5 important skills that businesses are looking for in their social media managers.

1: Customer Service Skills

Social media has opened the doors for businesses to fully engage with customers in real time. Businesses are turning to these platforms to address problems, perform damage control and nurture stronger business relationships. Having customer service skills is becoming a requirement as you have more contact with the company's audience who will base their present and future purchases on how well or poorly the business interacts with them.

2: Content Development Skills

Content development is constantly changing. Different trends are constantly identified on how content should be written. Also, social media algorithms are evolving to reward or punish certain posted content to crack down on companies that try to game the system. It's always ideal to stay on top of your content development skills to adapt to these constant changes so you can continue to post the relevant content that appeals to the company's customers.

3: Multimedia Creation Skills

It isn't a surprise that photos and videos are 40 times more likely to be shared on social media platforms. Visual content that can be shared across different platforms can give companies a more competitive edge and spread their reach. For a social media manager, you need to be able to produce quality content to spur high engagement rates as multimedia creation skills are a must.

4: Design Skills

While there may already be a graphic designer on staff, having some design skill knowledge allows you to keep pace with the hectic world of social media when working with time-sensitive content. By having the ability to create images on the fly, you can timely post content while giving graphic designers more breathing room to create more detailed marketing campaigns.

5: Analytical Skills

While most of your time will be at the front end of social media management, you also need to have knowledge of the back end tasks of market report generation to show how present social media strategies are faring. You will need to have the analytical skills to gather social media data, analyze the figures to discover key performance indicators, and develop reports on how these figures relate to marketing strategies to find positive trends or potential issues.

If social media management is your bread and butter in this technological world, take a look at this list and see what skills you would like to hone and improve upon. Having these important skillsets will allow you to remain competitive in this chosen profession.

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by MICHELLE HART/CMO & CSO/web301.com

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