Sometimes Silence Can Be Golden on Social Media

Sometimes Silence Can Be Golden on Social Media

When it comes to social media, an onslaught of users have turned these platforms into personal diaries to document everything single action that happens in their lives. They are taking pictures of what they had for lunch, discussing work projects, or crying over a messy breakup with a spouse. Yet there are times when the constant barrage of Facebook posts, Twitter tweets and Instagram updates simply need to stop so other people can get a breather and have some time to get away from the melodrama. Let’s call it a professional ‘time-out’ so fans & followers have a moment to feel refreshed before the next barrage of oncoming posts.

When to Slow Down and Be Quiet on Social Media

When involved with marketing campaigns, your business is most likely publishing a constant stream of relevant written content, videos, links, ads, contests and other advertising tactics to get people to make a purchase. Most of the time, that’s a good thing. If you are delivering good, engaging content, both your fans and Google love to see it. But, at times, even your most loyal fans need the occasional break from the constant onslaught of marketing on their social media pages. Even more, there are times when silence can actually have a beneficial impact on your operations.

Consider the times when people want to relax and connect with family members and friends. Think about times when your fans don’t necessarily want to be ‘sold,’ anything. Times of national tragedy being at the top of the list on when to halt ‘salesy’ posts. Be sure to remember the pre-scheduled posts and delay the publishing until the dust settles and it seems respectful to begin posting about your brand, again. Being constantly in their face with your advertising, could encourage a potential client to go numb and dispassionate. They may begin hiding your posts because it is just too much to handle every single second of every single day. It can even anger someone if the only thing you are blasting repeatedly are the exact same ads, posts and links.

Quieting down, at select sensitive times, can actually earn you more respect in the long run.

They Love You but Don’t Need to Know Everything

There is a right time and place to go silent on social media. Consider who your customers are, what events are going on in the news, and understand what holidays people celebrate, then schedule the days where you keep quiet. You may be surprised by how much your customers appreciate it. After all, a small amount of mystery never hurt anyone.


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