What are ‘Handheld Names’ and How Businesses Use Them to Influence Customers

What are ‘Handheld Names’ and How Businesses Use Them to Influence Customers

When it comes to bringing in more customers to your business, either to your website or actual store location, social media marketers are scrambling to use all the tricks, tips, and techniques available to connect with the company's desired target audience on all online platforms. From offering contests to passing out promotional codes, you are trying to create a brand name for your company that catches on with your consumers and will have them spread the word about your services and products.

Handheld Names a Growing Trend to Increase Marketing Potential

If you never heard about "handheld names," then you haven't been to Twitter recently. On this social media platform, a handheld name -- more commonly called an influencer -- is a person who has an influence with their fans that they have become mainstream on the internet. They are not necessarily big name actors, musicians, comedians, sports stars, politicians or other celebrities that are so often heard and spoken of on television and radio. An influencer could be someone who your friends have never heard about before, but has gained the trust of a large following who can have an effect on buying trends.

How do Influencers Help Businesses?

An influencer doesn't have to be globally or nationally recognized to promote your products and services. Yet they can have a large group or following who pays attention to their opinions, thoughts and recommendations. They have a fan base who can be influenced by their words and actions as this tactic can spur people to purchase your products and services when the fans see that the influencer is endorsing your company. The Influencer can effectively reach a certain audience that you may be courting to buy your products and services, as they can help you bring in more sales.

The Effectiveness of Influencers

It has been shown that almost 40% of Twitter users have made a direct purchase because of what the influencer tweeted about on their timeline. Research has also shown that 49% of people said that they relied on an influencer when they were searching for product recommendations. When taken a step further, about 20% of people would recommend a company to their friends because of what the influencer has said about the business.

These are interesting research figures and something that social media marketers should take note about when trying to drive in more sales into their clients' companies. The power that influencers can have on their fan base is big, and can make a difference in boosting the number of new customers visiting and purchasing products or services from a company -- if done wisely. As the marketing playing field continues to expand over social media platforms, using handheld names/influencers to make recommendations may help you create a brand name for your company and build a larger customer base.

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