Social Media Posting Times Are Not ‘One Size Fits All’

Posting  Times Are Not One Size Fits All

There are hundreds of articles on the internet telling you when the best times to post on social media are. The truth is there is no "Golden Hour" that is perfect for everyone across the board. It's true that there are trends in online activity, but the best way to speak to your specific audience is to test, test & test again to know when they are online & engaging.

Engagement can vary depending on the time, the day, the season, and by area. News sites can see a lot of activity in the morning when people are waking up & want to catch up on what's happening. Shopping sites see higher engagement at lunch breaks & after work when the customer has time to browse. I have compiled data from 3 different companies to highlight my point.

Company #1: E-commerce Clothing Boutique

93% of their audience are women. This company's data shows a sharp increase in users at 2pm & 4pm. These spikes in users could be explained by the afternoon lull which is the time of day where most people show a drop in productivity & are apt to check in to social media. The most active day of the week was Thursday.

Company #2: Local Real Estate Agency

This gender split in users was 70% women and 30% men. The time of day they are online is moderate throughout the day with a huge spike between 8-9 pm followed by a sharp drop in users after 9 pm. Real Estate clients need uninterrupted time to browse for houses, which would explain the increase at 8 pm when people are off of work & at their leisure. The most active days were Wednesday & Thursday.

Company #3: E-commerce Jewelry Brand

The gender split was 78% women and 22% men for this brand. Their users came on at 9 am local time and remained steady through 8 pm, after which there is a sharp drop off in users. This user behavior is most likely due to the fact that the users are evenly spread across the United States in several time zones, therefore there is no spike in activity. The most activity was on Wednesday.

As you can see, user activity can vary greatly from company to company with a definite trend of Facebook users being online Wednesdays from 8-9 pm. Just because your audience is online is not a guarantee that they will engage with your post. Think of every time you've logged on to Facebook just to check your notifications before a meeting, or after lunch. Your users may not have time to scroll through their feeds to see your post. This is why it's so important to test, test, test so you can find when your audience is engaged & able to read your fantastic content.

It may sound like time consuming work, but that's why Web301 is here. We crunch the numbers, do the testing, and post knock-out content so you are free to build your empire.

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