Twitter, and Low Quality Tweets

Twitter has always stood out in the sea of social media platforms, because they don’t filter their content. On Facebook, they’ve turned to algorithms, showing you what they think you most want to see. Instagram used to be solely chronological, like Twitter, until it began to allow advertisements to be shown out of order, to earn them more views. Twitter is about to change this.

Twitter has experimented with limitations to visibility in the past, with filter-like features. Twitter has faced positive feedback over their lack of content control in the past, but now seems to be facing more trouble. Accusations of allowing the wrong kind of tweets the same coverage as others, are plaguing them. Twitter within the past election cycle, is now seen by some as the social media platform without a filter or regulating system. Some would call it the perfect platform for trolls, or people who want to be able to say whatever they want without being censored or reported.

Low-Quality Tweets

Twitter is now taking matters into its own hands, with an announcement about making certain tweets less visible than others in a Twitter feed or timeline. In this new update, Twitter will aim at “low-quality tweets.” Low-quality tweets will be those that are considered to be abuse, or personal threats, hate speech, etc.

Twitter has yet to define what exactly “less relevant” or “low-quality” tweets will mean. Again, it will be in some way related to tweets that deal with abuse, like threats or hate speech.

Twitter is not turning to an algorithm-based structure to filter out these tweets, which is reassuring that Twitter will not become so aimed at an individual user, like Facebook.

For now, this update will focus on replies to tweets, rather than initial tweets, as this is where the most of these comments appear on Twitter. A tactic that some predict Twitter might use is a collapse feature, that enables reply tweets to be hidden, with the option to “Show More.”

While collapsing, additional replies is one way, another way they might improve the live stream of tweets, is to sort out less relevant tweets from your feed. Again, this would feature the option show the additional replies, but initially Twitter would hide or filter these out.

Social Media Strategy

Consider how you reply to users on Twitter especially for business. Now that you know replies could become more filtered you may want to change your strategy. Not that we’re suggesting you need filtering for the reasons Twitter might suggest. But if you’re using Twitter replies as a way to respond to, or connect with your followers, you may want to consider an alternate strategy.

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