What’s best for content: Unique or Local?

What’s best for content: Unique or Local?

SEO is an ever changing target as we’ve learned over the years. Everyone is constantly searching for the key to easy SEO, the one key thing to make a site jump up in ratings. But this doesn’t exist, the simple fact is SEO takes time. There’s no way around this. So it’s important to focus on your SEO practices. Content can be key here. Here’s how to make your content stand out.

Unique content

Everyone is concerned with having unique content on their page. If everyone has unique content on their page, then everyone’s page will start to look similar. So even though you should strive for unique content, there’s more that you should focus on.

There may be only so many ways that you can write unique content for your clients. If you all have similar clients, the copy may be unique but the content will pretty much be the same.

As more people learn about SEO, and more websites feature content, the content gets less and less unique, no matter how hard you try.

Strive to be Local

If you do SEO and write content for local businesses, you may have the advantage over other SEO companies and their clients. If you can make your content as unique and local as possible, you may have a leg up. Try to make your clients blog the local destination.

Incorporate useful information about your area or city into your blog. If it’s fitting to interview local figures, include local news try including that in your content. If you see your blog as a way to communicate with or inform the community, your site could be something that many people start to seek out.

A great way to come up with local unique content is to get involved with the community. Get involved with local groups or local charities.

Take away

Remember unique content is key, but content for content’s sake won’t get you or your site anywhere, especially if your competitors are doing the same thing. So both local and unique content is important when it comes to maintaining a blog. Everyone is striving to create unique content, but if content is also locally focused it will win out every time.

You can’t take a local stance if you’re truly not local. This is where local companies have an advantage over non-local companies representing other local businesses. If you’re truly local, the content will come easily and be simple.

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