Why Blogs are Important for SEO

Why blogs are important for SEO

You’ve been told that it’s a great idea for your business to start a blog, but you wonder will anyone read it? Is it a waste of my time? The answer is no. Blogs are a key part of SEO, business and marketing. Here’s why.

Breakdown of SEO

If you consider the ways in which people find your website it may change your mind. Some people head straight to google and search your business name, but those people already know you. They are already your customers. Some people see paid advertisements you place, like PPC, and click through those ads to your site. But if some people haven’t heard about you or your business, how are they going to find you?

In order for new customers to find you, you need to be ranking well on Google, which isn’t something that happens overnight. You need to have done SEO to your site, and that typically includes adding a blog.


Writing a blog gives you new content to push out into the world wide web, increasing your chances of someone finding your site. You can post your blog posts on your social media pages, Facebook, Twitter, or somehow incorporate it into an Instagram post. This can get shared, liked, or found by more people that just your customers.

It helps drive traffic to the site. Of course you want readers and prospective clients or customers coming to your site. A blog gives you the chance to potentially draw more people in. More people visiting your site means more traffic to your site, which increases your chance for revenue.

Writing blog posts give you a chance to add keywords into content on your site. When you have optimized your site, you’ve determined what keywords you want to rank for. Ex. If you are a hairdresser in New York City, you may want to rank well when someone searches “Best hairdresser in New York City.” So if you are writing content and blog posts, you want to work the phrase “best hairdresser in New York City” into your content and posts. This way it will help improve your rankings over time. When someone searches that phrase, your site is more likely to pop up over time.

If you consider how many pages you have on your website, and how often it is that you update them or add new content, it’s not that often, is it? By adding a blog post every so often, bi-monthly, weekly, whatever you choose, you’re constantly adding new content. This means that there is always new content for Google to crawl. The more attention Google pays to your site, the better. There is no SEO overnight trick that works, you just need to take your time and do it right. When Google sees your site as valuable, your ranking will increase.

Get writing

Blogging is a great way to add fresh content to your site. It’s a minimal effort task that can yield wide results for your business. It can help with your social media following, your Google ranking, and your sales. So get writing, and see what blog posts can do for your website and business.




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