Why SEO is Always Changing

Why SEO is Always Changing

SEO is always changing and evolving. It sometimes forces us to reconsider our strategies and our workflow for successful SEO. It can be frustrating to keep up with and hard to understand why it goes through so many changes in a year. Here’s our explanation why.

New algorithms

Google is creating new algorithms all the time. Search engines are constantly evaluating their techniques and algorithms for finding the best results for their readers. Google is also making it harder for unfair SEO marketers to manipulate search engines. Some people use optimization tricks to fool search engines, and Google is creating ways to detect whether or not the SEO was done in a more organic way.

When you use more effective and legit SEO strategies it will take longer to see results, but when you use tricks to see fast results, those results won’t last and Google might even flag the website, which can be quite damaging. Google is changing the formulas because it wants to improve the user experience and make sure that users are finding the most organic results as possible.

Google will typically go through a change 3 to 4 times a year. Again, this is to prevent deceptive SEO practices or to combat them. Perhaps Black Hat SEO-ers have found a way around recent SEO changes, so Google then fixes or changes a rule to prevent them from gaining results.

Other Changes

Google used to take the Meta Keywords associated with a page, read them and then rank the page accordingly. Now google almost ignores those keywords, as they no longer hold importance in the ranking of the page.

Some people believe that the more they click on a page, the more it will rank. This is not true. Google does not adjust the listings depending on which sites are clicked on the most. Organic traffic is something that is tracked by SEO specialists for their clients, to show how their SEO efforts are working. It can also be used to show that by improving a sites’ rankings with SEO, it can increase the amount of organic traffic. Organic traffic is traffic that comes through search results and not paid ads.

Too many Keywords

There was a time when people would fill their site with relevant keywords that they wanted to rank for. But now Keyword spamming or stuffing can result in a penalty from Google. This also caused sites to read like they were full of spam, when the content was clearly created to include insane amounts of keywords.

It's important now to use keywords and target certain keywords to see if you rise in the ranks for those keywords. But overfilling your site with them is a thing of the past. In a blog post there should really only be two to four keywords and not 10.

So ask someone who does SEO how they can help you. Chances are, they’re up to date on the latest algorithm change and they can help you.

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