Why Small Agencies are better Marketing Partners

Why small agencies are better marketing partners

Bigger isn’t better in all cases. Less can be more especially when it comes to smaller teams and agencies.

Small teams

Smaller marketing agencies can lose out on a pitch due to the “small size” of their company, but the reality is, the smaller the company, the more focus you get as a client of theirs. At larger marketing agencies, often employees are responsible for many clients at a time. This can make their focus on you shrink, they spend their allotted time on you and move on to the next client. They often don’t have the time or luxury to go above and beyond for you. They have multiple clients begging for their attention at all times.
Often at smaller agencies, clients are shared. You have more than one person working for you, with team work, brainstorming sessions and creative thinking. Smaller agencies are also more likely to depend directly on their clients’ success and satisfaction, therefore working harder for a great end result.

A smaller better team

More creative team members find themselves gravitating toward smaller agencies, due to the fact that their voices are more heard and their ideas are used. Younger employees are also more common at smaller agencies, as they’re allowed to think outside of the box and participate in more areas of the business. In smaller agencies, they tend to hire based on talent rather than hire to fill a position.
At larger agencies people can tend to work for the climb up the ladder, rather than the acquisition of skills. Smaller agencies tend to allow their employees to have their hands in everything, therefore learning more and more about their field. This enables them to grow their skill set and talent, rather than focusing on climbing up the ladder to the next position and next set of responsibilities.
The culture in a smaller office can also differ from that of large agencies. Larger agencies can tend to have a more competitive feel in the office, where as smaller firms are all working together for the same end result: success for their client. Smaller agencies also strive toward a shorter turnaround time, while some larger agencies have a certain they have to go through.
When working with a smaller marketing agency you can tend to have more points of reference at the company. You often meet more people in your initial pitch meeting, sometimes the majority of the company. Whereas at a larger firm, the people you meet with represent a much smaller percentage of their company.

Take away

While the benefits of working with a smaller agency seem to overwhelm the perks of a larger company, you can also benefit in another way. Larger companies employ more people, which means that their cost can tend to be higher, than quotes from smaller marketing firms.

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