You can’t cheat Social Media

You can’t cheat Social Media

The best way to think about customer service is to consider the way that you would like to be treated. It is infuriating to try to call a company with a complaint or a problem, only to reach an automated system. Your frustration quickly turns to anger, and typically you don’t reach any sort of solution with your problem. The key to social media is the same, you must somehow convey your humanity to your followers and your customers.

Reply to your followers

We’ve all forgotten to reply back to an email or text at some point, and remembered days or weeks later, and regretted our slow response. It’s important to stay up with your followers on social media platforms. If you have users engaging with your page or your posts, it’s important that they feel they’re not just sending comments or questions out into the void. They want a response or a like, but something to show that you’re there, waiting on the other end.

It can be hard to check on your posts, if you sit down once a week to schedule them all out. You may be forgetting to follow up and see if anyone has engaged with your post, commented or shared it. In order for social media to work for your business or product, you have to pay more attention than that. It’s important to check your page or platforms every day, and respond to questions or comments from your followers.

Automating your posts doesn’t eliminate the need for interaction with your followers.

Showing appreciation for engagement or sharing

If a follower re-tweets you or shares a post, sending out a quick like, or comment, or tweet can make your user feel appreciated and heard. If someone is giving your brand a shout out, thank them, or give them a shout out too. Getting users to share your content can be key to your company’s success.

Your followers may not expect the attention, but a little goes a long way here. Another great way to grab your users attention when you’re responding to them directly, is to sign your replies. Often people know that multiple employees can manage social media platforms together, so when you sign a reply with your name, it makes the user feel more connected to the company, or to you. Rather than having a comment from some random person at a company, they know it’s you.

Keep things personal

People know when you’re getting an automated response, and it often leaves a bad taste in their mouth. Even though it’s important to keep things professional, remember that you’re responding or interacting with a human, and your response doesn’t have to be a pre-written script full of professional jargon.

Talk like you’re a human not a robot, interact with your clients like you’d want to be responded to. Remember social media platforms are a place for social interaction, be personal, lose the script and talk with your followers. Be genuine, but remember to not go off brand.

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